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Calre folder updated
15th December 2011
wet rocks
I went to loop Head with Sean Reidy,(check him out on Flicker) Stormy weather, really hard work to stay upright trying to capture a few images, all shots were taking in about 30 minutes walking up the shore, looking for some interesting viewpoints. The waves were mad and the tide was coming in at the time. So every twelve or so waves was a huge whopper I would have to grab the tripod and run for higher ground, thank god I was wearing my RUSHERS,
I would have stayed longer but it started to rain.
New Limerick Photographs
14th December 2011
Just up loaded New Limerick Photographs,
find them in the gallery, Limerick folder.
tic found on bumble bee
22nd November 2011
just added new photographs of a bumble bee covered in tics,
couldnt sleep all night with the nightmares
Hannha's photos
17th November 2011
I Just uploaded some photos at hannha's Christning,
most of the Moloneys were there,
a great time was had by all,
added new photos of Fanore Co Clare,
14th October 2011
I've just added new photos of Fanore Co Clare, Ireland.
these were taken 7-10-2011,
I went there with Sean Reidy, fellow member of the Limerick camera club,
and we waited for the sun to set,
I forgot to bring my willies (rushers)so my feet got a little wet.
but we were lucky with the sun and clouds,
I did a bit of magic in Photoshop to bring out the colours,
Teachers, students, educational researchers,
05th October 2011
Teachers, students, educational researchers,
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there is no charge,
prior permission should be obtained,
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All photographs on this site are property and copyright of Dominick Moloney.
new photos added
30th September 2011
Just added new photographs in wasps in flight.
these are a montage of the wasps at different stages of flight.
Just added some photographs to David and Alisons gallery folder
30th September 2011
Just added some photographs to David and Alison’s gallery folder,
my son Shane was best man at the wedding,
what a day, David and Alison were married in Murrow Co Limerick,
and the reception was in the Bunratty Hotel Co Clare,
we had a great time, the food was excellent the band put on a good show,
so good that David and Shane's pants split.