Dominick Moloney Photographer Limerick Website revamped.

02nd September 2014
Dominick Moloney Photographer Limerick.
I’ve just revamped my entire website, WOW I didn't know that it would take so much time.

New menus, galleries and pictures, loads more to entertain you as you explore the contents of the all new website.
With separate menus for Landscapes, Weddings, Portraits, Special FX, Macro and close up images of Irish insects,
There is a dedicated menu containing photographs of Limerick and another menu for the many other Irish counties that I have visited on my travels.

The home page is redesigned to make it easier to navigate through the website plus I added a snazzy slideshow of great images to wet your appetite and draw you in.
I hope you like what you see when you explore my revamped website,
if something pleases you or annoys you, I would love to hear from you.