some information about me

Experienced Limerick Photographer, consistently growing and refining the art of photography. I have been interested in Photography for a long long time. An era when you had to master the art and techniques of light meters, film, negatives and the darkroom.
I suppose I’m a victim of the remarkable environment around me, because of the beautiful Landscape, colours, life, shape, patterns, and light that surrounds me.
I feel a need to capture it as it evolves and changes.
I’m not really fixed on any one discipline within photography .
I like to master them all, to me “The journey out weighs the destination.”
the real challenge is to gain the knowledge of how to capture an image the way I see it in my mind, to capture and show it in all its glory, and to overcome all of the pitfalls along the way.
Dominick Moloney Photographer Limerick.

Irish Landscapes,
Some of these images were taken when I took off for two weeks, with my son Aaron and toured Ireland.
We had no plan just arrived in someplace of interest, looked around at the sites and museums took a few shots booked into the nearest B&B then the next day we headed for somewhere new.
We also went on day trips to the various locations around the country, and some shots were taken when I was out with master photographer Sean Reidy (check him out on flicker)